10 most intimidating football stadiums world is online dating a sign of desperation

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10 most intimidating football stadiums world

The Great Ballcourt of Chichen Itza measures 545 feet long and 225 feet wide, and ranks as the largest of its kind ever discovered in Mesoamerica.The exact rules of the game played here, and whether it featured ceremonial aspects linked to Mayan religion, remain a mystery.Completed in 80 AD under the Roman emperor Titus, the three-tiered Colosseum stood 157 feet tall, featured 80 entrances and seated roughly 50,000 people.It’s still considered to be one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering, but it wasn’t for the faint of heart.The track held 12 chariots racing a distance of roughly four miles and races were held here for almost 1000 years until 549 AD.

By the time the Colosseum closed in 523 AD, it’s estimated that more than one million animals and more than 500,000 people had perished there.

It featured a 697-foot-long racetrack, stone benches along the south bank for judges, a vaulted entrance for the athletes and an altar on the north bank for the goddess Demeter, whose priestess was the only woman allowed to watch the Olympic games.

Tucked away in southern Greece, this ancient stadium hosted both the Olympic games dedicated to the god Zeus and the Heraia, the women’s games held in honor of the goddess Hera.

The stadium’s third and final form was completed in the 5th century BCE and was surrounded by artificial banks that could accommodate roughly 45,000 spectators.

As the largest stadium in ancient Rome, the Circus Maximus could seat 250,000 people, stood three stories high, measured 2,000 feet long and stretched 500 feet wide.

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The sport of choice here was chariot racing, and it was pretty much the ancient Roman’s version of the Indy 500: high speeds and spectacular crashes on a dangerous track.

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