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I want to make sure you enter the world feeling confident in who you are, what you stand for, what you should accept into your life, and most importantly, what you deserve.The boys will come knocking because you are so beautiful inside and out.I want you to know that even the most handsome boys can be the wrong fit. If you settle for anything less than honorable character it will lead to heartache and disappointment. Instead, I want you to be brave enough to walk away from anyone who is making you feel like anything less than a beautiful, bright young woman. The songs on the radio demeaning girls are wrong, and I never want you to do anything you aren't entirely comfortable with just to look cool. Your uniqueness makes you stand out from the crowd naturally. That's something that may take time for you to realize, but I promise you that you were born to shine and to influence the world, and this begins with the relationships you develop and the woman you become as a teenager. Abuse shows up in endless forms, from name-calling, controlling behavior, physical harm, and at times, it may be more subtle psychological and emotional abuse, which is harder to recognize.If I ever tell you that I believe someone is hurting you, believe me then instead of coming to the painful realization later, after the wounds have left their mark.

The perfect boy will never call you demeaning words that objectify you.

In case you ever doubt yourself, I want you to know that you are beautiful, angelic, spirited, and intelligent, and anything less than a boy who appreciates that isn't worth your time. Never fall for a boy just because he's good-looking. It'll break your spirit, and over time, you'll actually start to believe it. It takes courage to strike out on your own instead of following the crowd. This is one of the most important things I always want you to remember.

You radiate joy, which is insatiably attractive and will make all the boys fall in love with you.

You're hilariously funny, charismatic, a beautiful artist, and a brave young woman. Never pick a boy who doesn't notice your inward beauty first.

Most of your girlfriends in school are at that age, just like you, where boys will pass you secret notes and ask you to the school dance.

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