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Accommodating resistance machines

Isokinetic exercises also produce little in the way of post-exercise muscle soreness.With isokinetic machines, while the speed of movement is constant, the weight is not.Each machine has a specific purpose, be it working your quadriceps or knee extensor muscles or your rectus abdominis or abs.Because the resistance offered by these machines is minutely adjustable, it is possible to customize the exercise according to the exercisers' precise needs.In fact, the weight changes according to how hard you push or pull against the machine.

The speed of movement is limited and controlled so momentum is eliminated and tension remains on the muscle being trained at all times.In more traditional forms of strength training, exercises are at their hardest when the weight is furthest from the fulcrum and the level is longest -- this is not the case with isokinetic machines.In contrast, regular resistance machines are often adjustable only in jumps of 10 or 20 pounds.This makes isokinetic machines especially suitable for rehabilitation where the user may be very weak and unable to make large increases in resistance.When you lift a barbell, dumbbell or use a regular resistance-training machine, you have to get the weight moving from a dead stop. Getting the weight moving can be very demanding and can lead to injury or make existing injuries worse.

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With isokinetic machines there is no such moment of inertia to overcome, which makes these machines safer than traditional forms of strength training.