Active duty officer dating enlisted reservist

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Active duty officer dating enlisted reservist

Rather than meet with a recruiter to discuss active duty prospects, interested Reservists can apply to Navy Personnel Command (PERS-92) through his or her unit and Naval Reserve Activity commanding officer in response to advertised vacancies with specific proficiency, year-group and other requirements.Vacancies will be advertised via the Gov Delivery system, and will specify available augmentation quotas by rate and year group.Selections are made by AC enlisted community managers, who will consider each applicant's performance history, experience, proficiency, and time in grade.Reservists can sign up for Gov Delivery notifications through the Navy Reserve Forces Command homepage at Quotas and advertised vacancies will be reviewed regularly and updated based on needs of the fleet.There are many different kinds of duty to which a reservist might be ordered to appear, including active duty for training, drills, annual training, muster, and mobilization and deployment.

Once released from their Reserve obligations and assigned to their new billets, RC to AC participants will become active duty Sailors in every respect, including being eligible for AC advancement, permanent change of station orders, and selective reenlistment bonus eligibility.

"The active Navy needs Sailors with talent and experience, and the Navy Reserve is a great place to find them," said Rear Adm.

Anthony Kurta, director of military personnel plans and policy.

"Through this program, we're aiming to leverage our Reserve Sailors' skill sets and experience to place select Reserve Sailors in needed billets in the fleet." As part of the Navy's Continuum of Service initiative, the RC to AC program is designed to streamline Sailors' transition between Reserve and active service.

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Navy is establishing a new augmentation program that will offer enlisted Reservists opportunities to convert to permanent active duty careers, as outlined in NAVADMIN 274/12, released September 9.

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The Reserve Component to Active Component (RC to AC) augmentation program seeks to place qualified enlisted Reserve members in specific rates and year groups to fill active community needs in the fleet.