Advice men internet dating

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Advice men internet dating

Rabbi Wasserman and his wife had no children, but together they educated tens of thousands of Jews in France, the U. Rabbi Wasserman had a sixth sense about people; the story is told of him looking to purchase a used car in Los Angeles. Rabbi Wasserman then asked if he could use the telephone for a minute. "When I asked to take it for a test drive, he suspected that I'd steal it. " The greatness of a person is to be a loyal servant of the Almighty ("Eved Hashem").

I don’t think I am up for this at this stage in my life.

Is there some way to tap into the Torah wisdom without being part of the Jewish people? A person does not need to become Jewish to reach high spiritual levels, establish a relationship with God, and earn a reward in the world to come.

Enoch "walked with God" and Noah had quite a high level of relationship, though neither were Jewish.

Our tradition is that all of the 70 nations must function together and play an integral part in that "being" called humanity. Maimonides explains that any human being who faithfully observes these laws earns a proper place in heaven.

Here are some websites (though I cannot vouch for their authenticity): are two excellent books on the topic: "Path of the Righteous Gentile" by Chaim Clorfene and Yakov Rogalsky "Seven Colors of the Rainbow" by Rabbi Yirmeyahu Bindman You will also enjoy this interview with someone who faithfully follows the Laws of Noah: com/jw/s/80405497May the Almighty grant you blessings and success in your spiritual search.

Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Simcha Wasserman, a 20th century Torah sage and son of the illustrious Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman, who was martyred in the Holocaust. After Rabbi Wasserman's death, his wife died 10 days later.

I love the Jewish people and have enjoyed reading the many spiritual thoughts on your website.

I want to draw closer to God, but from what I’ve read it is a very big commitment to convert.

Alas, many have forgotten these in the passage of time. The Temple was the universal center of spirituality, which the prophet Isaiah referred to as a "house for all nations." Non-Jews were welcome to bring offerings to the Temple as well.

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Perhaps the best that we can do is to encourage all peoples to keep these and then it would indeed become a very different world. In fact, the service in the Holy Temple during the week of Sukkot featured a total of 70 bull offerings, corresponding to each of the 70 nations of the world.

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