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When the user selects an item in the list the same item is selected in the tree. WPF lets me get the Tree View Item that holds my Data Item by using the Item Container Generator.

You select a tab with your code and the relevant file is selected in the Solution Explorer tree. One thing to notice is that it isn't enough to set Is Expanded to true on a tree item.To build the container you must instruct WPF to update the layout and build the containers.I consider the following (somewhat common) case: I have some data represented as a tree.I decide to show my data in the UI inside a WPF Treeview and some general list of items (with no specific structure). Checking the debugger reveals that the Is Selected property on the root element is indeed "true" but on the the Data Item What I am doing here is quite simple.Today I am going to talk about a common problem of programmatically selecting items in the WPF Treeview.

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