Autism dating and socialization

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Autism dating and socialization

One way to meet people is through a shared interest.

For example, if your son's special interest is computers, he could join a computer club or take a class.

It is not easy to make your way through the teen years with Aspergers. If your son is struggling, he may benefit from individual therapy.

Like any other teen, your son wants to develop those special friendships and be a part of the crowd. Unfortunately, this skill area causes problems for people with Aspergers.

The socialization struggles brought about by Aspergers calls for some advanced planning. Dating calls for the ability to notice social cues, body language, and gestures.

By attending these group activities, your son can learn socialization skills in a controlled and supported environment.

Sometimes personal hygiene is all but forgotten by people with Aspergers. It is difficult to attract the attention of the opposite sex if you forget to bathe and brush your teeth.

Now is the chance to put to good use those obsessive interests that are so commonly held by people with Aspergers.

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Dating someone who loves the same things you do makes for a more natural relationship.

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