Black hebrew dating

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The only other white person around on Jamaica Avenue that afternoon, besides myself, was a dude handing out yoga-studio flyers.

Instead of hitting the streets, many of this country’s racist white folks rang in “white man's March” by lazily posting photos of themselves holding white-pride banners on the internet.

n case you missed it, neo-Nazis were supposed to take New York City, and much of America, by storm on March 15.

It was all part of a scheme hatched on the white-supremacist chat rooms of Stormfront.

In Queens, I came upon a group of about a dozen individuals lined up in a row, wearing purple robes with faux-gold edging in front of the Jamaica Center shopping complex.

They called for a national “white man's March.” Unsurprisingly, the planned nationwide protest ended up being a complete dud.

I know, because I spent the day scouring Manhattan looking for fascists.

The gist of the message from what I could gather was, "Down with the white man's science.” The rest of the group stood behind the duo, hard and expressionless.

When I asked the strange group of men who was in charge, I was directed toward a robed gentleman who said, “People call us the Black Israelites. We are the Israelites.” Their garments read “Israelites United in Christ” in a font that looked as if it had been borrowed from a poster for Disney's .

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There on the street, one fellow read from a Bible, overseen keenly by a preacher who would interrupt him periodically and interpret the text.