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We, personally, like to think Harry is secretly dating a law-school student or a sous chef, and is trying to protect her identity and preserve the sheen of romance and privacy (we may have watched one too many romantic comedies, we shall readily admit), or that it’s the other way around and he’s, like, secretly dating Rihanna and she doesn’t want to say anything.(The mere thought of Rihanna and Kate on a yacht off the coast of Portugal clinking glasses of champagne is enough to make us need a cold compress.) In any event, expect the din concerning Harry’s lack of a girlfriend to only grow louder. to run five miles with it and tout “THE SECRET, SHOCKING REASON PRINCE HARRY IS STILL SINGLE.” We don’t imagine Prince Harry seeing any of this coverage (we believe he uses his phone exclusively for a soccer-scores app and games), nor do we imagine he would care much if he did (he’d probably chuckle and reach back into his bowl of potato chips), but, if the Aniston trajectory is anything to go by, we can expect perhaps a few more years of this before we read all about—with equally breathless headlines—the story of Harry settling down with a wedding to a Cinnamon Princess of his own (though his is unlikely to have Courteney Cox in attendance).The pair were reportedly spotted getting dinner in So Ho in July and then kissing elsewhere in New York in September, according to Though an insider told the magazine that the two have been discussing a project for some time, one said, “It’s gone beyond that now." However, another Johansson source insisted that there’s “nothing serious” going on between them.

He was then spotted with Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston.

The dorky teen star turned Inception hero has essentially avoided becoming a tabloid target with his dating life. The 30-year-old actor who made hearts melt in 500 Days of Summer reportedly won over the 26-year-old divorcee, who has been the target of nude photo leaks of late.

After graduating Georgetown University in 1997, Cooper moved to NYC to pursue an MFA at the New School’s Actors Studio Drama School.

Two years later, he landed his first acting role in a single episode of , which he is working on now. The first of which was his brief marriage to Jennifer Esposito from December 2006 to April 2007.

The report then cites a quote, reportedly uttered by Harry to his friend Denise Van Outen at a friend’s birthday party last week: “I’m not dating and for the first time ever I want to find a wife.” Now, this dialogue sounds way more like a clunky line from a cable soap opera than an actual sentence a human uttered, but it makes our point about the way Harry has been positioned nevertheless.

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Other media headlines this week concerning the prince are of a similar nature: “Is the party over for Prince Harry? said that while he is not dating the princess, “royal watchers wish he would.” Now, this narrative is by no means new.