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An arrow will change color from red to yellow to indicate how the fish are biting – the yellower, the better.Once you pick a spot, you use a power meter like those found in so many golfing games to determine how far you cast your line.But is it worth playing, or should you throw this one back?The basic premise of the game is – no shocker – selecting different locations (or levels) to fish in, moving your boat to find a good fishing spot, and trying to catch the biggest fish you can.

The Nintendo 3DS’s e Shop platform seems perfect for delivering more casual, bite-sized games, and there’s certainly been no shortage of these since its inception.For those looking for a quick pick-up and play fishing game, there’s Big Bass Arcade: No Limit by Big John Games.The third in their line of fishing simulators for the Wii and DS, they’ve now taken the leap to the 3DS platform with 3D graphics and expanded gameplay mechanics.An audio cue from the game’s announcer will let you know when a fish is close – and once he hooks on, the most intense portion of the gameplay begins. This hectic element is further exacerbated by an overlapped quick time event element.Pressing the A button will start the meter, which will bounce between low power and full, and another press will lock it in and cast your line.


From here, you need to start reeling in your line to lure nearby fish.