Cdc dating abuse fact sheet

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Cdc dating abuse fact sheet

If parents, educators, and mentors are aware of the risk factors and warning signs, they can use technology as another tool to prevent and detect abusive relationships among the young people they know. Many of the risk factors for dating violence include exposure to relationship violence in the community, among peers, or within families. We hope to empower parents, educators, and mentors to use technology as a tool for identifying risk and promoting resilience within their own communities.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) mission to prevent unhealthy behavior through reducing factors that increase risk, and increasing factors that promote resilience.Whenever possible, model & discuss safe and healthy technology use. Ask them questions about their experiences and how these experiences impacted them positively or negatively. This kind of text messaging is called textual harassment, and it is a form of emotional control. One in ten teens have had a boyfriend or girlfriend d Femand a password for email or social network accounts [3]. And, one in ten teens have had a boyfriend or girlfriend demand they un-friend someone on a social network [3]. Young people are particularly vulnerable to dating violence.

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According to a recent study, one in four adolescents reports being in an abusive relationship [2]. For example, text messaging becomes abusive when a boyfriend continuously texts his girlfriend demanding her location or plans for the evening, or when a girlfriend refuses to stop texting her boyfriend until he responds. Responding to Technology Abuse in Teen Dating Violence.

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