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Chatlines for trannies

Ken is a teacher at North Dakota Vision Services School for the Blind and this is his 21st year at the school! He teaches daily living skills working with all ages - from 3 year olds all the way up to a lady who is 99 years old. Join our friends over at Extreme North Dakota Racing for a packed weekend at Turtle River State Park! If you missed Extreme North Dakota Halloween Double Feature 2016 registration online, fear not!He is proud father of two children -Kaija (15) and Ethan (12). These guys always do a tremendous job bringing us out of our comfort zone and making us realize that doing different things is SO FUN! You can still register tomorrow night at END-TRAILS sponsor See Dick Run, LLC (6-) or on either race day.Jess lives in Grand Forks with her three children - Katie (9th grade), Jace (7th grade), Rylan (2nd grade). LAST CHANCE for members to order a red Holloway RRRGF racing tank.She teaches math at UND so is great to have along when you are trying to calculate splits or distances during races or speed workouts. They will roughly be ; however, we will not know the final amount until we determine how many we need to order.

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This week we will be spotlighting another vet, Jessica Snyder.

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