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Nichole Bloom, who plays Cheyenne, grew up in Santa Clara.

“It’s like going out with a guy that you’re proud to be seen with.” Handler expressed her excitement at being able to break away from the tabloid fodder that she often focused on at E!, joking at one point that she had tired of that content by the second season of her series. But one element of network TV that is providing her inspiration for her Netflix project, scheduled for 2016, is “60 Minutes,” though with a distinct twist that she also compared to “The Daily Show” in its focus on current events.It and other fancy modern gadgets are the absolute bane of her existence. It makes me so frustrated,” she moans in a new Netflix documentary. “Chelsea Does Silicon Valley” is one installment of a four-part series that has the potty-mouthed talk-show host, comedian and author exploring various topics of personal and universal fascination.Other segments touch on marriage, racism and drugs.The series provides a tonal prelude to her new late-night talk show, which debuts in May on Netflix, where it will be streaming three times a week.

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Now, if Handler can only figure out what streaming is. And then it’s probably easier.” “Chelsea Does” premieres Friday at the Sundance Film Festival before dropping Saturday on Netflix.