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Despite their lack of culinary expertise, or perhaps because of it, the two settled on developing a foolproof and less labor-intensive pancake batter that would require only the addition of water.

They experimented with a variety of recipes in the summer of 1889 before settling on a mixture of wheat flour, corn flour, lime phosphate and salt.

Others, however, only seek to obfuscate the truth and cover up something that might convince you to take your money elsewhere. The self-rising pancake flour was created by a pair of speculators, Chris Russ and Charles Underwood, in St. The duo had purchased a bankrupt mill and planned to make it successful by developing a new product that would spur demand for their flour.

Don’t get me wrong – the right kind of marketing can be invaluable to both a business and the buying public. As I was researching for the latest series for the blog, I happened to uncover this little beauty, retyped from The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink: Aunt Jemima pancake flour, the first nationally distributed ready-mix food and one of the earliest products to be marketed through personal appearances and advertisements featuring its namesake, was created by combining advances in manufacturing and distribution with popular nostalgia for the antebellum south.

Davis also commissioned a pamphlet detailing the “life” of Aunt Jemima.She was depicted as the actual house slave of one Colonel Higbee of Louisiana, whose plantation was known across the South for its fine dining –especially its pancake breakfasts.The recipe for the pancakes was a secret known only to the slave woman.Sometime after the war, the pamphlet said, Aunt Jemima was remembered by a Confederate general who had once found himself stranded at her cabin.The song, which was written by the African-American singer, dancer and acrobat Billy Kersands in 1875, was a staple of the minstrel circuit and was based on a song sung by field slaves. He transformed the local product into a national one by distributing it through a network of suppliers and by creating a persona for Aunt Jemima.

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Rutt and Underwood sold their milling company to a larger corporation owned by R. Davis hired Nancy Green, a former Kentucky slave and cook in a Chicago kitchen, to portray Aunt Jemima in that city’s 1893 Columbian Exposition.

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