Chrisitan interracial dating

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Chrisitan interracial dating

”Translation: “I have no clue about the history of that big book I’m in love with, and I don’t care either, because it’s God’s Word, and if God said it, it must be true.” Acceptable Response: “Amen.” Unacceptable Response: “It also says to kill homosexuals.” They might heartily agree to that one, which in case the unacceptable response becomes, “It also says to kill your children when they talk back. ” Or, “Explain to me the authorship and transmission of the Bible, and why you think it’s God’s Word.” Or especially, “Jesus said to give anything to those who ask of you – and not only to give what they ask, but more.So please give me your wallet and your car.”Translation: “I’m getting ready to judge you.” Acceptable Response: “I’m conquering pride and lust!Translation: “If I can’t have consequence-free sex, neither can you.” Acceptable Response: “I pledge myself! ” Unacceptable Response: “So how did that work out for you? ”Translation: “You’re going to burn in hell if you don’t say this prayer, little boy.” Acceptable Response: “Dear Jesus, thank you for coming into my heart and saving me…” Unacceptable Response: “Dear Jesus, where in the Bible do you tell us to ask you into our hearts? And why did the ancient world think the heart was the kidney? I love racist jokes and am about to tell you a good one.” Acceptable Response: Laugher followed by telling a slightly more racist joke. Okay, if you’re really there, appear to me right now in person like you did to Paul.” Or, “What exactly does Jesus Translation: “Any juicy tidbits about your life I can spread through the prayer gossip grapevine? ”Translation: “I’m a racist asshole who attends an all-white church and is uncomfortable around most black people.

How can I know if you’re still around if you don’t say anything back? My wife is having an affair, my brother is a drunk, and my dog can’t control his sexual desires.” Unacceptable Response: “Have you ever kept a prayer journal to see if you get more unanswered prayers than answered ones, or if your unasked prayers get answered just as much?Unacceptable Response: “You’re a hypocritical racist asshole.”Translation: “I only believe this about overwhelming situations.The rest of the time, I believe things are up to us and I act that way.” Acceptable Response: “Amen.” Sometimes followed by an anecdote about some unexplained or coincidental experience that you attribute to God.Unacceptable Response: “If God’s in control, then relax and don’t do anything about it!In fact, you don’t have to do anything at all ever, right?

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But that’s not right, and people still have to do everything, so what does it mean for God to be in control and why does it matter?