Columbus dating scene

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They get to follow their own values, and they are spared all the fights that married couples have over money.

And if you’re a member of America’s Singles Club — comprising more than half of all adults today — this time of year is code for “You’re sad and alone.” But that cultural stigma is fading.Some of us genuinely prefer to go solo in life, while many others actively seek that special someone. cities based on 25 key metrics to help you find and prep for the best dating opportunities this holiday season.Click on the experts’ profiles to read their bios and responses to the following key questions: What financial advice do you have targeted to singles?Single people need to be especially mindful of money matters because they don't have a second income, such as the income of a spouse, to fall back on if something goes wrong.Of course, finding a significant other is easier said and done for the contestants of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” Most of us lack the luxury of Chris Harrison’s professional matchmaking skills to help us meet the most eligible, prescreened mate — with bonus cash to boot. We don’t guarantee you’ll find your soulmate, but if you live in or near one of the top cities for singles on our list, you’re much closer to a happily ever after than you think. Our data set ranges from the percentage of singles to the number of online-dating opportunities to the number of attractions in each city.

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You can find the results, additional dating commentary from experts and a detailed methodology below. Many offer plenty of options for singles, whereas some are more conducive to other lifestyles.

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