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Jinxworld is a mammoth forum under the eye of Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis, but with major sub-forums for a whole pile of major industry talents, like David Mack, Alex Maleev, Dan Slott, Adi Granov, and Gail Simone.

To put it bluntly, it’s just about your best chance of hanging out online with your favorite artists and writers, because lo and behold, they actually read and respond to their own forums.

Happy to print rumors, but also the source of the occasional bit of honest journalism, Bleeding Cool was founded by Rich Johnston, who spun off his success from his CBR column Lying in the Gutters.

Bleeding Cool is quick to publish, quick to point fingers, and quick to draw conclusions, leading many readers to be aggravated at the site and its writers.

Scans Daily has had rough interactions with the professional world of comic books.

That said, the world needs scummy gossip rags sometimes, because digging through the garbage occasionally gets you gold.

Despite the tights, grunting, and fabulous haircuts and outfits, comics as a medium is remarkably hostile to gay folk.

There are only a handful of gay and lesbian characters among the major publishers, and they have a far higher rate of getting killed off than straight characters.

Hell, Marvel’s premier gay hero is Northstar, and he’s died more than a few times, and at one point gained his powers from a fairy.

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They’re a site where users regularly put up chunks of comics in order to express their joy or rage at what’s going on in their favorite series.

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