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The only message that will hurt the target so far is: "Today, I saw Kokona Haruka in Shisuta Town.She was engaging in compensated dating." The player must listen to Kokona's phone conversation to be able to write this.She must have the student's picture in Student Info beforehand to talk about them.Gossiping about others will decrease reputation by an unknown amount if the post is a lie.As of now, only a few female students will reply in shock and disgust.The social media page will have to be revamped eventually so that it draws from a pool of currently alive students.

When choosing to type out a post, a message will pop up saying: "Today, I saw ____ in ____.

She was ____." Yandere-chan is able to choose what these blanks say.

The Internet was partially implemented in the October 8th, 2015 Build and is accessible from the far-left corner of the room. When walking to the computer, a pink HUD pops up saying "Internet".

Sitting down will take Yandere-chan to a social media page about Akademi High School, similar to a Facebook page.

After that, Yandere-chan cannot use the Internet any more unless the week is reset.

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