Consolidating data using datamarts

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Consolidating data using datamarts

Yet, the term and spirit of data warehousing stuck.

As the name suggests, the goal was to get data from production systems into an organized "warehouse," where it could be efficiently standardized, stored, tracked and sorted.

Not coincidentally, third-party vendors noticed this opportunity and solicited early adopter marketing departments to build, house and manage their marketing databases. Data warehouse proponents suggested a "marketing data mart" could meet the unique marketing requirements.

In conjunction with IBM research, it helped spawn the Information Center movement of the 1980s.

These systems were -- and continue to be --conceived and designed by information technology departments.

I have spent intimate time with both camps and can help illuminate the position for each viewpoint. Perhaps some background on each side is in order, since history often lends perspective.

The concept of data warehousing actually dates back more than 25 years to Massachusetts Institute of Technology research on the requirements of analytic processing versus transaction processing.

Data warehouses were in their infancy, if existent at al.

At the onset, no one placed any great emphasis on how to most effectively deliver this information to the ultimate customer.

In fact, one of the biggest pitfalls of this movement was that the customer was loosely identified as the "enterprise." Meanwhile, in the mid to late 1980s, the importance of marketing and customer centricity began to escalate and with it the need for dynamic customer information.

Although arguably their objectives have evolved, initially they were aimed at removing the heavy impact of analytic and ad hoc report processing on production transaction processing systems.

As this field matured, better designs were instituted that met the unique performance requirements of analytic processing.

Living on both sides of any issue helps you appreciate why each side firmly defends its respective position.

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The ongoing debate between database marketers and information technology professionals regarding data warehouses and database marketing systems lives today for a variety of reasons.

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