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That intimacy was such a wonderful surprise after the initial impression that I got from him; I thought he had a dark personality given his military experience in Croatia and his quiet nature. He was smart—we bonded over a mutual love of history— and knew how to speak to a woman without sounding cheesy or patronizing. In the morning, I figured it would be too much to hope that he would want to see me again after I jumped into bed with him so readily.So, for the most part, I could ignore him when he said something ridiculous, roll my eyes, and tune him out. I mean, the guy wears Speedos and thinks that’s OK. I met my Croatian in a very atypical fashion about three months ago.He met my friends and I met his, though it took him far longer to let me into his world as I’m not the typical Croatian girl he’s been bred to marry. And our “relationship” has also been anything but typical.I wondered if the weird things I had noticed about *Belimir* were inherited cultural traits of if he was just a freak of nature. Honestly, forgive me if you’ve experienced something different, but the Croatians that my friends and I have dated have all been controlling assholes with antiquated views on women.Unfortunately for me, as per the revelations of Carolyn and several other friends, the former is true. They like to be the providers, but they hate doing any work.

When Carolyn and I reunited last month after a year apart, the conversation immediately turned to men (hey, it happens).After describing the guy she was seeing, a Chicago-based bartender with a slew of bad qualities, she finished by saying “He’s Croatian.” She and I happen to be born on the same exact day — albeit four years apart — and our lives frequently seem to parallel the others.’ As it happens, I, too, was dating a Croatian dude.There was no way I’d be able to tolerate his prejudiced remarks or old school sentiments in the long run.We didn’t have a thing in common but mutual attraction, and we both knew it.He was the perfect antidote to a broken heart – gorgeous, fun, goofy and enough of an arrogant, stubborn jerk that there was no way I could get hurt. He is super intelligent, older, and mysterious — exactly the type of guy I am attracted to. I spent the night with him that evening, and it was well worth the exhaustion I felt the next day at work.

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He was VERY talented in bed and even cuddled with me all night. That first night, he told me about how he had lived in various countries around the world, how he was half Italian/half Croatian and was fiercely proud of both his nationalities.

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