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Dating contracts in the work place

The bulk of the collection came from the Tredegar Company as two accessions: Gift of the Tredegar Company, Richmond, Virginia, October 1952 (Accession 23881), and Gift of the Albemarle Papers Manufacturing Company (successors to Tredegar), Richmond, Virginia, 1958 (Accession 24808). Minute book, 1867-1899, photostat copy of original in custody of Tredegar Company, 1955 March (Accession 24297). The drawing is filed with the oversize collection, folder 92.

This collection came to the Library of Virginia in five accessions. Eckenrode, Director of History, Department of Conservation, 1949 (Accession 22989). Robertson, Albemarle Papers Manufacturing Company, Richmond, Virginia, 1958 April (Accession 24809).

At later dates other intergral Tredegar records were donated to the Library of Virginia and are interfiled within the larger collection. Although not interfiled within the collection listed below are related company records located in the Business records collection: Tredegar Iron Works Records, 1845-1865 (Accession 25744). Gordon: Historical and Archaeological Assessment, Tredegar Iron Works Site, Richmond Virginia. (LVA Accession # 40407) The Tredegar Iron Company was organized in 1836 by Francis B.

Anderson also entered into a number of partnerships to manage the rolling mill and an enlarged locomotive operation. The history of Tredegar pre-Civil War to 1880 has been the subject of several publications, which should be consulted for more in-depth presentations: Kathleen Bruce, Virginia iron manufacture in the slave era. The most significant change made was the naming of Joseph R. In 1842, Deane resigned as superintendent and John Tanner was hired as his replacement. The high cost of transporting goods to Northern markets and competition from the British iron industry led Anderson to expand into the Southern market. Series II: Notes and bills payable and receivable, 1856-1864, Misc. Series III: Foundry record of guns cast, 1861-1865, Misc. Series III: Guns tested for the US, 1857-1858, Misc. Tredegar Iron Works Records, 1857-1935 (Accession 26601). The company was chartered in 1837 and the following year acquired the Virginia Foundry Company. Tredegar Iron Works Records, 1845-1864 (Accession 26393). (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1966); and Dennis Maher Hallerman, The Tredegar Iron Works: 1865-1876. Another publication which includes a detailed analysis of the Tredegar site and structures, including its water power system is: Michael S. Deane, Jr., an experienced Virginia blast furnace operator, and a group of Richmond businessmen, interested in expanding the local market for railroad iron. The following is a brief outline of Tredegar's 120-year history. By 1841 though, the company was incurring great debts and the investors moved to reorganize the firms management. In 1848 Anderson purchased the Tredegar property and did business in his own name, Joseph R. The foundry operations were enlarged and a cotton factory on the land was converted to a spike factory.

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Tredegar Iron Works Minutes, 1876- 1879 (Accession 33052). The earliest products were, for the most part, railroad construction, including axles, wheels, and gears. In 1843, Anderson leased the property for five years and worked on expanding the market into ordnance and railroad sales, producing angle iron, axles, rails, and shells.