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All along, Bill felt like he didn't belong and wondered if he was adopted, while experiencing nightmares and hallucinations.

In the opening scene, he was speaking with therapist Dr.

He bit into an apple and saw maggots and worms crawling in the bite mark, and also facetiously revealed that he suspected that his family had "a little incest and psychosis."When Bill came upon his pampered sister Jenny (Patrice Jennings) showering, he noticed that her body was unnaturally contorted behind the frosty shower door glass - her body twisted in a creepy way, but then reverted to normal when he opened the shower door.

Earlier, one of her chunky ex-boyfriends, David Blanchard (Tim Bartell) told him about strange occurrences in their household ("Something very weird is goin' on here").

" He wondered if his family was having secret orgies or something incestuous or sexual was going on.

And when Bill was delivering a student election speech in front of an assembly, a pretty woman in a red and black dress, a mysterious female flashed him a view of her panties - and then disappeared - were these hallucinations?

After planting a bugging device, David produced a tape recording of Jenny's recent coming-out party.

The film's plot introduced popular Beverly Hills Academy high-school basketball athlete and 17 year-old senior Bill Whitney (Billy Warlock) who was running for class president, and dating bubbly blonde cheerleader Shauna (Heidi Kozak).

He lived in a nouveau riche upper-class family, and stuck-up parents Nan (Connie Danese) and Jim Whitney (Charles Lucia) who owned a posh mansion.

As Bill listened to it, he wondered if his sister was having a sex orgy with the encouragement of her parents.

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On the recording, her mother said to her: "The guys are gonna pop high ones the second they see, relax Jenny, just go with it." Jenny gushed back: "The hotter and wetter you get, the more you can do. " When Bill was uncertain about what was happening on the tape, David accused him of being fakely ignorant: "You've been living with these people all your life, and you didn't know anything about this?

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