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Dating member alcoholics anonymous

At that point I was having extreme trouble breathing because I was laughing so hard.

In his words he said "thats when I found out that the dog catcher had arrest powers" in court the judge ordered him to attend AA.

So he came to the program by being caught by the dog catcher.

We do and say some things that are very funny looking back from a sober view point. Keep in mind that anonimity is our spiritual foundation.

No Names, or Specific Placesplease.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I will start: At a meeting up North I we were sharing about how we each got to AA.

We were working on his fourth step and we had just gone over his sexual inventory and I had pointed out we are not the arbiters of anyone's sex conduct but I also shared about the suggestion about no new relationships for a year, and explained why I thought it was a good idea based on my experience, that that rule wasn't in place to protect the newcomer but to protect people FROM the newcomer, and how harmful I had been in my first year of sobriety, so I basically told him he could get his ashes hauled but try not to start a new relationship because we change so fast the chances were he would be harmful to whoever he got in a relationship with.

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So anyway, there we are in this meeting, and he's sitting there grinning like a possum eating s**t, and he raises his hand to share, the topic is gratitude, the chair calls on him and he starts sharing about how grateful he was for the program, and how he just got paid thx to the grace of god and the program blah blah blah, then he starts sharing about how he stopped at the massage parlor on the way to the meeting and got a b***job, then he points at me beaming and says "and it's all thanks to working the program and my sponsor, he said it was OK to get laid my first year!!!!