Dating of elko eared projectile points

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Dating of elko eared projectile points

Each point shows one half of the shape and is so lettered.

To identify your point's hafting type, find the shape that is the closest to the above illustration.

Pay close attention to the bottom half of the artifact, which is the hafting area, and totally disregard the artifact's tip shape. Click on either the illustrated shape or the underlined caption E = Basal Notched, and your browser will jump you to the projectile points that are cataloged with that hafting shape.

Once you have found a match with one of the 10 shapes, then click on the corresponding illustration or underlined linked letter description (above) to find a list point types that may be candidates for more exacting matches. When you get to that section of the index, click on each name of the point types listed and see if any are a match.

Standard projectile point terminology used in describing Native American projectile points: a - point or tip, b-edge, c- blade or face, d - step, e - tang, f - base, g - notch, h - barb, i - shoulder.

In archaeological terms, a projectile point is an object that was hafted to a projectile, such as a spear, dart, or arrow, or perhaps used as a knife.

Stone tools, including projectile points, can survive for long periods, were often lost or discarded, and are relatively plentiful, providing useful clues to the human past, including prehistoric trade.

Scientific techniques exist to track the specific kinds of rock or minerals that used to make stone tools in various regions back to their original sources.

Additionally, point types may not yet have photographed examples of all possible shapes ie: Straight, Contracting and Expanding.

However, our application of methods developed by Hildebrandt and King (2012) to distinguish dart and arrow points, indicates that the Nicholarsen Cache contains arrow points exclusively. 6,800-year-old “Elko-Eared” points identified by Smith et al.

The shapes above represent the major morphologies or shape outlines for projectile point types.

(2013) provided important new information concerning the ages of a variety of projectile point types found in the Great Basin.

Two of their interpretations, however, deserve further discussion. (2013) concluded that the Nicholarsen (or Nicolarsen) Cache contains both dart and arrow points.

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Occasionally, projectile points made of worked bone or ivory are found at archaeological sites.

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