Dating sites for computer geeks uk

Posted by / 15-Aug-2015 13:21

Dating sites for computer geeks uk

In our eagerness to find someone who fills a particular niche, we can get a little careless…

So, it’s no real surprise that when geeks want to meet other geeks that there are plenty of sites that are ready, willing and able to make that happen.The problem, however, is what happens if you happen to do a Google search for “video game dating” or “geek dating”.Despite the fact that nerds have won the culture wars, many of my nerd brothers and sisters still buy into stereotypes that being a geeks and nerd magically makes sex disappear. Now to be fair: there’s nothing wrong with seeking out a partner who shares your nerdy interests.Being into comics or video games is the anti-sex equation and the only way you could ever possibly find anything that bears even the whiff of a relationship means you need to stick to your own kind. Despite what generations of pop-culture have told us, opposites don’t really attract.find happiness within a narrow stretch of humanity.

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Buying into that idea – that being a geek is a negative on the dating scene – can mean that you will feel as though you have limited options and create an artificial scarcity.