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Datingtalk ru

Eliezer returned with Isaac’s female cousin, and the two became husband and wife without any wedding ceremony, as we might expect in our culture today (see Genesis 24).And then there’s the story of Jacob marrying Rachel, or was it Leah?

If you want to date, just ask your parents—and then obey them!If you don’t obey, it might lead your dad to break the sixth commandment, which is, “You must not murder” (verse 13, NLT). The New Testament version continues on a similar theme, but then gives it another twist.It turned out to be Leah instead of Rachel, but then Rachel was added a week later (see Genesis 29). Parents played the major role in pairing young men and women together in Bible times.The unruly Samson pushed his parents to choose a Philistine woman who caught his eye (see Judges 14:1-4).And Adam seemed pretty excited about it (see Genesis -25).

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Later we read how Abraham sent his trusted servant to find a wife for Isaac.

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