Dmitry chaplin currently dating who is james haven dating

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Dmitry chaplin currently dating

As of this moment – Friday Night – we don’t have any confirmed pairings.

But we do have a few good ideas based on Dancing ABC clues, history, rumor, twitter…and just plain guessing.

😉 Here are the confirmed pros (I’m including Mark Ballas cuz I think he’s in, as does @DWTSGossip, even though we have no “confirmation”) – keep in mind there could be more. When I have a partner next to a pros name, that’s someone that’s been confirmed by DWTSGossip or a leak. The Men Derek – Marilu Henner Maks – Amber Rose Val – Laurie Hernandez Gleb – ??

Sasha – Terra Jole Artem – Maureen Mc Cormick The Women Lindsay – Calvin Johnson ?? Emma – Rick Perry Sharna – James Hinchcliffe Allison – Babyface Edmonds Jenna – Jake Austin ?? He teased his partner has a show on Wednesday’s and guess what? I can’t wait to see how he is inspired from her and he’s happy and excited which makes me happy and excited too. One of my wishes forever and they even look a like.

🙂 So, Vogue and I are going to put it down on paper – what we think, guesses we’ve seen on twitter, what we would like…all of the above. We’ll find out on Tuesday for sure, but write it down now so we can all see how we do.

😉 We reserve the right to edit as we get more information…or reality sets in through leaks and such.

I’m going to guess that it might be Detroit Lion Calvin Johnson since he WAS born in Georgia. He’s so handsome and has infinite amounts of class, swagger, and charm too.

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Hubby will be so happy if we have another football player dancing. – the only guesses I’ve seen have been Lindsey Stirling and various olympians. It would be fun if he had Mckayla Maroney…she of the “sass”.