Domestic violence sexual assualt teen dating christian dating blog

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Domestic violence sexual assualt teen dating

We can also help people who are unsure if their relationship is abusive and would like to talk to someone about this.”If you are experiencing or think you might be experiencing abuse in your relationship, we know that it can be difficult to reach out and talk to someone about this, especially if you are feeling judged, ashamed, scared or alone.Consider if you have a friend or neighbor who you trust to help you do some safety planning.Please be aware that when visiting our website, it is traceable in your computer’s history.While it is possible to clear your computer browser history from being easily accessible, each browser requires different steps, so be sure to be familiar with the instructions for your browser.

It will however help keep someone who has only average computer skills from doing so.

We work with women and men who are experiencing or have experienced emotional, verbal, physical, sexual or other forms of abuse.

A safer way to find information on the Internet is to use a different computer.

Some suggestions would be a computer at your local library, or at a friend's house..

Safety planning is an important technique to consider when victims are staying in an abusive relationship or intend to leave. Both the Brief and Personalized Safety Plan forms are available in both English and Spanish.

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It can be very helpful to talk to an advocate as you plan for your daily safety.

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