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My ex inlaws (esp dad in law & sis in law) used to be very mean and taunting if I failed to stay over at their house and I was sick of it. so i was hangin out with my friend and i knew i was on my period. i look around but cant find ANY lady products in there. To add to the embarrassment, my male friend also bought me a new pair of panties and helped find me some new jeans LOL He's the best Well, i don't have anything that embarrassing thank god.

the ones i use just happen to be out of my reach".. Back then, the pads came in a blue box with safety pins. I finished dressing and walked out of the bathroom. I made it just in time to have a girl witness the pad fall from the pant leg onto the floor. Better her expression than if the boys had seen it emerge from my pants.He had no problem grabbing them for me and we all had our little laugh and went on with our evening.. Much to my chagrin there was a line up of boys waiting for gym class. I've never had any accidents at school were anyone saw lucky it was cold and i had a coat but i was burning up and a couple girls gave me weird looks this was my freshmen year of highschool so i just wore that until i got home...i always carry tampons or pads with me even if im not on my period...i have had a friend spend the night with me and she wore a pad and when we woke there was a blood stain on my sheets that we both saw... When your friend was on her period and wearing a pad she would walk by you and you would make sure she wasn't bulky in the butt hahah Several times in school - not sure if anyone saw...I had to call my dads girlfriend at the time and ask her to call him. mine was when i was at a party at a hotel & i had started my period and didn't know it! i couldn't leave right at that moment, so i put a big hoodie on and tried to cover it up and not stand up that much. as drunk as she was, she was laughing about it with some guy. and ofcourse the ones i buy were out of my reach (i'm like 5'2" ).. I stopped and quickly realized that all the boys were watching me. I could feel the pad slipping from my underpants and heading down the inside of my thigh. The only thing saving it from falling to the ground was the jean material.He handed them off to me and i ran into the bathroom and slamed the door and couldnt look him in the eye for hours.... i didn't have any pads or anything, and by the time i discovered it i had a huge spot on the back of my pants. there was nobody around other than a guy reading a magazine and a guy walking by... i asked the guy walking by: "Would you feel really awkward reaching for the pack of tampons up there? I froze and tried to think about my options: do I continue walking past all these boys and hoping to find another bathroom before the pad falls to the floor or, turn around and walk back to the bathroom. I turned and shuffled back as fast as I could, into the washroom.I use to wear sweaters that cover my ass back then. why I was wearing khaki pants during my rag time - no clue.

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