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It opens about 20 days before each election to provide in-person, accessible voting for all voters, and specifically those voters who require assistance to vote privately and independently.

Staff working at these stations during an election also perform regular administration duties in between serving voters who visit the center.

See how ballots are processed by watching our live election cams.

Once the signatures have been reviewed and accepted, we prepare envelopes for the opening process by cutting the top of the envelope for easier ballot extraction.

Ballots with signature issues are held in secure storage and cannot move forward until the signature is verified. Sorting does not happen every day, or at all hours.

Trained specialists look for general similarities like height and spacing of letters or slants.

If the signatures match, the ballot packet is approved to move forward to opening.

If there is no live stream or no activity, please check back again at another time or day.

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When ballots are delivered to King County Elections, the signature on each envelope is scanned by our mail sorting machines and sent electronically to the signature verification team.

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