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Then said Special Someone got a job with IBM in Virginia, and we packed up and moved 700 miles to Fairfax from Lafayette back in mid-September 2009. I met a special someone, so that took up a lot of my time.I’m looking for work and spending my time being a server administrator, because we decided to go for Verizon Business Fi OS and are hosting everything (including our websites) from our home.Let me tell you, this has been one huge educational experience that never seems to end.

I’ve already discussed in the past how to make sendmail in Linux play nicely with Apache and PHP, but I realized that things were changing as I started migrating our websites and projects to an entirely different environment – Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise and IIS 7.0.

Since, you know, I hadn’t set up an SMTP service in Windows. ” I thought to myself, “I’ll just install it and everything will be hunky-dory, right? It turns out that in 2009, every large mail service provider on the Internet really hates relaying email that comes from suspicious locations, including IP addresses that are part of residential ISPs.

Even though we have a static IP address through Verizon Business, it’s still part of Verizon’s greater IP pool – which includes all their dynamic IPs for residential Fi OS and DSL services.

Google blacklisted me the second I tried to send a message to an @address. I found out from some people on IRC that I needed a reverse DNS entry if I wanted anyone to relay my email, so I called up Verizon and got that taken care of.

Yahoo, MSN, and AOL started relaying my mail, but Google kept delaying delivery, claiming that an “unusual amount of unsolicited email” was coming from my IP address.

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