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When asked if Stanger’s show is representative of what it’s like for searching singles, he says no.“I think what she’s talking about is a very, very small percentage of the population,” he adds. They face a little rejection and they shut down and stop looking.Everyone wants two things in life: to find someone to love and be loved. Patti is trying to say, ‘I’m only dealing with wealthy people, and wealthy people only want attractive girls.’ ” He counters that wealthy people, men and women, also struggle with shyness, fear and rejection.“People’s experiences go right across the spectrum,” he says.The show follows her exploits as she aids wealthy daters – whom she calls “brilliant in their businesses and stupid in their love lives” – under the auspices of the Los Angeles-based Millionaires Club matchmaking service she founded in 2000.Her mother and stepfather, Rhoda and Mel Goldstein, now live in Sunny Isles Beach. “You’ve almost got to set them up for failure, show them what they want, help them. They don’t like failure and they don’t like to be judged.” The University of Miami alumna, who majored in screenwriting, has a passion for, well, passion.

David Wygant, a Los Angeles-based dating coach and founder of DW Productions, who worked as a dating coach for Stanger’s business in its first year, says Stanger always told him she would get a show, and he believed her. But despite boasting “a four-year relationship with a wonderful man,” this modern-day diva of the dating world is also a savvy entrepreneur who admits that snagging true love is still harder than snagging a million bucks.

Stanger also has a division for advertising high-revenue luxury products on her website, a jewelry line, a fragrance and a book in the works. “And then there’s a major motion picture coming to a theater near you,” she adds.

March 3, 2008 By ROBIN SHEAR Matchmaking may not be the world’s oldest profession, but, nowadays, it’s one of the most profitable.

Appropriate, then, that third-generation matchmaker Patti Stanger’s cellphone ring tone is set to the Gwen Stefani song , which debuted in January.

“My whole dream was to write my own screenplay, so I will probably do that, too, and maybe even have the musical on Broadway. I think globally.” “Patti is a great self-promoter,” says Mitchell D. When she would go to an event, she would walk away from her booth, walk up to people, ask, ‘Are you single?

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Brandt, the president of Great Expectations, a Boca Raton-based dating service that turned Stanger on to matchmaking as a business opportunity. ’ She was aggressive.” Brandt, an attorney and investor who is less involved in the business these days, not only spent 17 years in the industry, he met his wife of 12 years through his own service.

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