Guardian dating wikipedia

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Guardian dating wikipedia

However, Andi becomes aware that Jax wanted to take over the world when he reclaimed his powers back and when he didn't do Andi's part of the deal.

Andi is then mad at Jax for using her and taking Emma's powers but then seems to forgive him at the end of Emma vs. In Season 3, she is seen hanging out at the beach where Emma works.

Now that Emma's The Chosen One, Andi wants to become a guardian herself, just like Lily.

Andi (by everyone) Tank Girl Spy Master (by herself and Jax)Expert Cristal Hunter(by herself)Karate Pro (by Jax Auto-mechanic Extraordinaire (by Jax)Sandy Andi (by Daniel and Diego [when they were kids]) A-Train (by Diego) Principal Torres (Enemy) Emma Alonso (Best Friend) Daniel Miller (Close Friend/ Former Teammate) Jax Novoa (Close Friend/Former Teammate/Partner In Crime) Maddie Van Pelt (Frenemy) Mia Black (Former Enemy/Accquantince) Katie Rice (Frenemy) Diego Rueda (Good Friend/Former Teammate) Mac Davis (Good Friend/Former Teammate) Tony Myers (Friend/Former Teammate) Jessie Novoa (Former Rival/Good Friend/Acquaintance) Gigi Rueda (Friend) Andrea Cruz, aka Andi is a tomboy type of girl. Andi helps Emma unpack as she lives down the street.

She is Emma's Guardian/Sidekick and she will do anything to help Emma. She also starred as the protagonist on the sequel show, W. T.s Academy; along with Jessie Novoa and Agamemnon. Andi meets Emma, her new best friend when she moves to town.

Throughout the season, Emma and Andi discover more about Emma and her powers.

They also find out that The Principal and Maddie have powers of their own and defeat her in the finale.

Andi tries to prove she has what it takes to be a guardian.

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