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Alan also agreed to shoulder all of the money owed to their daughter. Hayden helped out mom and dad last year by letting Lesley live in her condo, and loaning Alan 0k.

Based on the docs, Lesley wanted to make sure that dough wasn't coming out of her pocket.

The scene shows her country singer Juliette getting amorous with her American Football star BF (played by the marvellously named Tilky Jones) on the sofa, before he has second thoughts.

She says she's taking time to reflect on the issue "rather than stay stuck due to unhealthy coping mechanisms." The 26-year-old also sought treatment for the condition in October.Panettiere's daughter with boxer Wladimir Klitschko, Kaya, was born in December 2014.Hayden Panettiere can be seen stripping to her bra for a raunchy scene with a hunky actor in hit US television series Nashville.An online clip released by TV network ABC shows the 23-year-old beauty pull off her top to reveal a lacy black bra which accentuates her assets.The divorce settlement brings the nearly 8 year divorce battle to a close.

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