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Hipsters are into fashion but simultaneously think it’s ridiculous. In New York, “hipsterism” has also been augmented, namely to include the youthful residents of Brooklyn.And they wouldn’t be seen dead at a bar full of other hipsters. But while this has been captured in film — Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig document the tale of two Brooklyn hipsters in Frances Ha, which hits cinemas this month, and in Lena Dunham’s iconic Girls which plays out around Williamsburg’s Greenpoint and Bedford Avenue — London has yet to come up with its own cinematic alternative. Today’s social networking hysteria has certainly made it almost impossible for anything to remain underground for long. Must be Nike Air Max 95s, Acne Pistols or worker’s boots. Browse the “up-cycled” furniture shops of Chatsworth Road, especially on a Sunday.Fast forward to London 2013 and the entire ethos of the hipster has been altered. Today the word “hipster” is bandied about like a grotty £5 note.While Patti Smith spent a decade sporting a boy’s moth-eaten overcoat and bowl crop to earn her hipster credentials, today any man with a beard and a pair of boat shoes is labelled one.A hipster, the dictionary claims, is a twenty- to thirtysomething of high intelligence who rejects the “culturally ignorant” attitudes of mainstream consumers.

Lauren Sherman Brooklyn-based journalist and editor-at-large of Everyone you’ve ever met lives in Brooklyn these days.

But 2013’s mass exodus from Manhattan has more to do with the outer borough’s tasty restaurants and expertly curated shops than the promise of bigger spaces and cheaper rent.

As is any woman who considers denim dungarees and a flash of red lipstick to be respectable Saturday night attire.

Where London stereotypes are concerned, hipsters and the East End go hand in hand. Essentially, if you’re young, like fashion and live beyond the Holborn side of Oxford Circus, you’re probably a hipster.

Karen Dacrefashion editor of the Evening Standard, lives in Hackney A hipster, according to the Urban Dictionary, is an individual who values independent thinking and progressive politics.

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It refers to he who enjoys indie rock and she who appreciates art.