How to not rush dating

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If he loves you, he'll respect whatever decision you make.

But don't be surprised if the man you're dating gets very angry when you kiss him good night in the lobby at the end of your second date rather than invite him up to your apartment for a drink.

If you're thirty-nine, waiting a month or two can be fine.

Of course, if you feel strongly against premarital sex, you should wait until you're married.

Now you might argue that you don't mind having sex with him on the first or second date and taking your chances, that it's okay with you if he doesn't call again because you're both grown-ups and you can take your lumps.

He has probably been spoiled by other women who slept with him on the first or second date and now he feels he's being denied this pleasure. Anger indicates interest, and you might be surprised, for he will probably call you again!

Better that he be angry and strategizing ways of seducing you on the next date than moving onto the next girl.Making him wait will only increase his desire and create more passion when you finally have sex whenever you're ready.Does that mean you can sleep with him on the first or second date? You will just have to exercise a bit of self-restraint and character building here and trust that if you hold off for a few weeks or months, you won't be sorry.Why risk having him call you easy (and think of you that way) when he's talking to his buddies in the locker room the next day? The Rule depends on your age and personal feelings.

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If you're eighteen and a virgin, you will want to wait until you are in a committed relationship.

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