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How to stop quickbooks from updating

In some cases patches are worse than what they fix, or they cause issues with your machine of environment.

These are often known as “R” releases, such as R3, R4, R5 and so on.

Once they are downloaded, then you’re prompted to install them each time you start Quick Books.

If you’re experiencing Quick Books connectivity issues, issues with Quick Books ability to talk to other applications, or QB won’t run (or similar issues), then Repairing the QB installation will often help.

To Repair the Quick Books installation, see Quick Books Support – How to Repair Quick Books Quick Books by default is configured to automatically download patch releases.

To hide a patch from Quick Books, rename the folder where it is located.

To locate your patch folder, select Sometimes reinstalling QB will fix stability issues.

To stop updates from downloading automatically: One solution to an unwanted patch or to one that does not work is to hide the patch from Quick Books.

When you do this QB no longer knows the patch has been downloaded and so it will stop prompting you to install it.

Though most patches are good, they can cause several types of issues.

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Sometimes you’re constantly prompted to apply a patch, perhaps when you already did, or the process to apply the patch fails with an error or crash, or the patch itself when applied causes issues or feature changes you don’t want.

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