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Because, as a white person, I’m totally cool with you just calling us “White” or “Caucasian”, Match, you really don’t have to do both.

And I don’t know any black people, but I’ve seen them on TV, and I have a feeling they’d be fine with you leaving out “African Descent” too.

(On all other topics, I’m a huge dick.) Make no mistake, this is definitely racist. I, myself, am simply not attracted people who aren’t White. Unless I’m looking for someone to iron a real crisp collar onto my shirt, then I got all hot and bothered. And, as it’s an exclusionary practice decided entirely by the color of one’s skin, that’s racist. There will not be, I don’t think, a rash of race riots outside the It’s Not a Match offices when minorities learn they will probably not be dating me.

Saying you don’t want to date Blacks, or Asians, or Native Americans because you’re just not attracted to them racist. As much as it hurts my liberal leanings and Democratic voting record to say so, it’s the truth.

Members of this service are searching for singles who are of a different race and cultural background from themselves.

Or which races you’d like to date, if that distinction makes you feel less icky. Well, if you’re anything like me, and for your sake I really hope that you’re not, you click the box next to “All.” All races. Even though it’s not really who you’d like to date, you just feel it’s the right message to send out to the universe. And then, when Match sends you your liberal, open-minded options, you calmly look them over, then click only on the pictures of the races that interest you. So there’s no need to be bashful and apologetic about your preferences. Just like some people like short people, tall people, fat people, or very fat people. Unless you preferences are formed by hate or idiocy, then you need not apologize. If you’re not sure whether your dating preferences make you a bad racist or an understandable one, please consult the Official It’s Not a Match Guide to Dating Bigotry…These members are, for the most part, from either the United States or Canada and their ages range from 30 to 50 years old.I don’t dislike them, I just don’t feel the urge to sex them. Singles looking for someone with a different ethnic background will enjoy Interracial And it cost me time, convenience, and made precisely zero people feel better.

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So I have stopped clicking “All.” Now I just click “White,” and have come to terms with being just a little bit of a dick.

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