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As marketing theory entered rugby league, these names gave way to the names of foreign animals such as Rabbits, Bears, Panthers, Roosters, Bulldogs, and Tigers.

While soccer fans like abstract names, AFL supporters seem to like things that can fly.

Specifically, birds like Swans, Hawks, Eagles, Magpies, Crows and war machinery like Bombers.

It seems that there is no universal answer as in various sporting organisations, different kinds of names are embraced by different kinds of people.

Was Glory and its purple colour coding a reference to morning glories or glory holes?

It has three slightly abstract names in Power, Suns and Dockers.

Religion is not forgotten either, with Demons and Saints appealing to two different kinds of flocks.

They also like felines like Lions, Tigers and Cats.Oddly for an Australian game, the AFL only has one uniquely Australian animal as a moniker, the endangered Kangaroos. In Australia, the same pattern has been seen with clubs named after things like Glory, Victory, Roar and even FC. Around the world, soccer clubs have shown a fondness for abstract concepts like United, Galaxy and Cosmos.Why aren't American sports more popular in Australia? For example, with their name, was Melbourne Victory afraid that fans might think they aspired to Melbourne Nin-all draw?

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Why does rugby union have a private school boy image? How have notions of identity been expressed in cricket? For those not accustomed to soccer’s culture, the abstract names can sound a little from outer space.