Intimidating witness felony

Posted by / 05-Jan-2016 07:00

It was this bill that contained the witness intimidation charge that the man will now face.

The witness intimidation portion of this bill was meant to target gang members in the community who would threaten and intimidate innocent witnesses into being too afraid to testify.

Because those witness would be too afraid to testify prosecutors were unable to bring many ruthless violent gang members to justice for crimes committed in broad daylight in full view of the public.

Being such a new law (most MA criminal charges are decades or even centuries older) it has been interesting to see how police and prosecutors have used the charge of witness intimidation since its inception as a tool to fight violent and dangerous gangs.

Police are now trained that if there is any hint that during a domestic dispute one of the parties tells the other not to call the police, or physically tries to prevent them from calling the police, then witness intimidation should be charged.The Boston Globe now reports that the man who made these comments has been arrested and charged with the crime of witness intimidation.In March of 2006 the legislature passed a bill targeted at decreasing gang violence and giving police more tools to arrest and prosecute gang members who terrorize the community with violent crimes.This week the media has done extensive reporting on the trial of 2 men who are accused of murdering 4 people in Mattapan during a drug deal gone wrong.Allegedly at one point during the trial a manwho was observing the trial got up and called one of the witnesses who was testifying a rat and a snitch.

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In my career I have seen witness intimidation charged well over one hundred times in cases I either handled or was associated with.