Is beck dating tori in real life

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Is beck dating tori in real life

Tori is auto tuned and if you heard her sing live you would know she is NOT a singer. She's always the center of attention, EVERY SINGLE TIME, despite going to a school that's supposed to be rich with amazing talent. Cat as a character also gets on my nerves, but at least she can sing. The point is, it's so ceaselessly centered on a character that isn't very likable.

And what's up with her always being the lead singer and actress in every play?

The only reason Jade hates her is because she saw the look Tori was giving Beck while rubbing the coffee off his shirt. However, Beck does lead Tori on sometimes so it's not Tori's fault entirely.

..I don't want to seem like a hater or anything, but Tori is the worst character on Victorious.

First of all Victoria Justice is pretty but she is not talented as an actress or a singer.

And I'm glad beck and jade got back together because Tori does not deserve him. One episode she actually whined about her stupid cell phone!

Vic and Tay were friends since they were little, so it was only natural for them to grab lunch together while they were both filming in Vancouver, right? Rumors of a romance spread like wildfire, but Victoria cleared them up to Despite the fact that they grew up on separate tween networks, Nictoria got close during the summer of 2012.

They were spotted hanging out together a few times, and people were never quite sure what was going on with their relaysh.

I just feel like the show would of been better if it would of focused more on the other characters too rather than just Tori. Isn't Tori's character supposed to be super nice and perfect?

I don't know why but I seem to be the only person who hates the way she treats him.

Tori is whiny and every episode she has to broadcast her personal problems all over the classroom and she just expects everyone to help her and love her.

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That is so irritating and Tori's whiny voice drives me crazy.

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