Is dating in college worth it dating chinese coin

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It’s really unfortunate how the college dating scene works these days. Some college students don’t go out on dates and never get to experience the real nervousness and butterflies of a first date.

Their experience in a “relationship” is often associated with temporary flings, someone in the mix saying, “it’s complicated”, and "hook-ups”.

Then you have to add in the chaos of classes, who knows what extra activities you’re involved in, interning, being an adult and growing old, and finding the time to maintain whatever it is you have with someone and it may seem a little bit impossible to do so.

We’ve proved to each other how much we have cared about each other despite everything else we have been through.I am still young and have a lot to learn myself, but a relationship is worth it in college if you choose to make it a healthy one.It’s all about hard work and picking the right person.I never expected to be in a long-term relationship while I was in college.The only thing I don’t get is when someone is so desperate for a relationship they will settle for anyone that gives them the smallest attention and rush right into a relationship and you really shouldn’t do that and you should never settle for someone less than what you think you deserve.

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I do not believe in a perfect relationship and mine hasn’t always been easy, there’s been some really rough patches we thought we couldn’t get through, especially being our age and in college with the stress of the whole world falling down on us, but we’ve learned.

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