Javascript for validating registration form

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Javascript for validating registration form

Here are some simple steps to make the process more secure.

If the purpose of registration is to confirm that the person exists, and that they have supplied a valid email address, then as part of the registration processe you a should either email them a random password or a confirmation token rather than letting them choose their own password and use it immediately.

After all it's only the browser display being obfuscated and not the data transfer.

The length of the personal_info part may be up to 64 characters long and domain name may be up to 253 characters. The personal_info part contains the following ASCII characters. ") return (false) } To get a valid email id we use a regular expression /^\w+([\.-]? { | } ~ characters are legal in the local part of an e-mail address but in the above regular expression those characters are filtered out. It begins with at least one or more word characters including the underscore, equivalent to [A-Za-z0-9_]. In this page we have discussed how to validate an email using Java Script : An email is a string (subset of ASCII characters) separated into two parts by @ symbol. a "personal_info" and a domain, that is [email protected] \w+)*(\.\w{2,3})+$/.test(my Addr.value)) { return (true) } alert("You have entered an invalid email address! even I have given 123/456-7890(total length) I have many forms with same problem, please give me correct solutions May I add any script files for IE (or) need to change in all the forms.

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