Jeeter dating

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Jeeter dating

The mix of sugar & spice has proven to be very lucrative for her. I don't watch Wendy Williams enough to be annoyed by anything she says. What she would say about people in public was out of line.

I'll catch a few minutes of her show occasionally while flipping the channels and I'll promptly turn away after a few minutes. I agree she basically has changed her tone a LOT from her radio days when she was pretty well known for outing black celebs.

) This girl was as dumb as a box of hair, and Wendy was playing her like a fiddle.

Even in hindsight the toupeed simpleton could not see her error & took it as Miss Warwick "demanded she stand up for her because she's a legend". The casual viewer isn't aware that WW drastically softened her tone when she came to television.

Her entire act consisted of outing & gossiping about Urban (Black) Music Celebs. WW has also become Gay Friendlier over the years; or at least has learned to tolerate us on air.

Her one redeeming value has always been her ability to occasionally show vulnerability & share facets of her own life with her audience. Ever since then she's devoted like 3 minutes every day of Hot Topics to promoting things.

This was unique in a pre-internet gossip blog 1990's & early 00's, because the mainstream gossip columnists (Cindy Adams, Liz Smith, etc) could have given two shits about the sexual exploits of Puff Daddy, Tupac, Mary J. I can't recall her ever saying anything blatantly homophobic (although she may have) but Gays were definitely considered less-than on her radio show & an endless source of laughter & amusement for her and her co-hosts. " catchphrase started when a flaming Black Queen who was a fan called into her show & innocently asked "How You Doin? That sound bit was played consistently during the last 5 years of her radio stint. That term--along with 'biased douchebag'--applies to Faux News assholes, not to a big-bosomed black girl who wears short skirts and hosts a silly chat show.

WW isn't witty in the least bit but is always entertaining. She is tame now compared to how she started on her TV show. That is when she started to talk about the Aaliyah movie which she then got on board with as a producer.

I'm an occasional viewer of Wendy's TV show (through channel surfing & Youtube) who goes back with her almost 2 decades ago, when she was on the radio.

She's entertaining but has said countless idiotic things over the years.

One recent faux pas that rubbed me the wrong way was her encounter with Dionne Warwick last year.

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The massive cow took offense to Miss Warwick attempting to teach her some basic hostess manners (standing up for guests) & had the gall to rant about it on air.

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