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Please don't be afraid to chat with me I am very receptive but sometimes my computer doesn't work right so there will be times I can't chat correctly so don't take that as hatred, please!

I am also a fan of the following (but i am not a religious follower!

My fursona is a snow leopard and when I get older I want to become an animation producer!

I love Cartoons and Movies, some of my favorite shows are Steven Universe and We Bare Bears. I live in Colorado and play a lot of video games as well as draw.

If you wanna talk or just fool around that's okay with me, hit me up! I have gotten so desperate, in fact that i have started creating friends in the realm of skyrim! while those last two senteces were irrelevant, I will now move on! (That was a long story) hmmmm I'm friendly and I'm friends with lots of people and honestly I don't care if your emo,scene,gay,weird and so on just don't be an asshole that wants to mess with me I'm planing on looking for a roommate that's near my school Atleast in Florida so I can finish that bullshit school and head to collage one day (I don't want help on that so please don't help me on it, it makes me feel bad v.v) I'm creative at times and usually play guitar but I stopped for two years since the guitars I have are getting old and well dead looking XD I'm a fast learner and well I guess that's all I can say for now this is a good enough words about me lol I hope I can make some cool friends! I'm 17 years old and live in England, I am currently on a course in media arts which is quite interesting.

I don't judge and I'm happy to help out with anything, so yeah. I'm Tristan, a 15 Year-old furry on a quest for friends and I can't think of anything else! I like airsoft and the Military, I even want to join the U. :)My fursona is a raccoon called Jaelen, I havn't got many pictures or descriptions done on him yet except the 1 picture you can see in my avatar. Anyway, I would really like to make some new friends on here. I use aim,msn,yahoo and you can find the details on my info page.

I'm 18, and have definitely been a furry for only a few months now.

I do art too, but I'm very lazy about finishing pieces. Maybe I'll just be one of those people who choose not to have one.

Anyway, I'd be happy to meet new friends here if anyone wants to talk. ^__^I'm Anne, or Kitten, as most friends and other online furs call me.

(And when I say new I mean I just started today) And I would like to talk to people about it! I am 15 years old girl and looking for someone to talk to and be friends with and stuff.

The whole reason I decided to reach out was because there aren't that many people at my school who like the things I like. and I also an saving up money to buy Undertale, some cat ears, and tail!

I'm from New York, the island protruding off the state, Long Island! :) Hi guys, relatively new fur here, 16 and from Toronto!

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I'm new to the community, you see, and it'd be good for me to find other teens who're furry too, as we usually don't go around wearing nametags irl x DAnyways, I'm just looking for some like-minded people to talk to, so gimmie a shout! I've been with the furry community for a few years now, although I've always thought anthro characters were really cool.

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