Mamba ru mb1050085657 afolder dating

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Mamba ru mb1050085657 afolder dating

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its not much only 107 euro for 90 days,and medical insuruance its 135 i will think about the plane ticket,and yes it will be great to speak in skype,but my internet is limited,and i have very slow signal,im asking for your help because i live in flat and i pay my rent, and i dont work,so i am asking you can you help me to pay my visa?

here is very for my to find well paied job.i can send you my names and address,so you can send me money to pay my visa by western union.

Oh,and i send you some here some worts about me,im a single child,i was born in Novosibirsk, Russia(my father is bulgarian),no i dont have any children,or merages before, im to yang to have such experience.

But doesent mean that i dont wont to have some day with the right person.

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I wont to know you and see you in real,as soon as it posible. I need this 250 euro for my visa and my medical insurance,if have it i can go and make my visa,it not going to take alot of time.

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