Marriage dating eastern european women

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Marriage dating eastern european women

You can live happily every after with your princess.Eastern European girls are straight they want to get married and find their husband or what is the point of dating.Perhaps the title of this post should be ‘the choice is yours’. Important disclaimer: this is not about every American and Western European women.I think there are big differences in the dating and mating selection game in the USA, UK and Eastern Europe. Many, if not all, of my American friends that married American women are not happy. In contrast, my friends that married to girls from Poland or Russia are universally happy. This is not about every Russian women or Eastern European women.Not the lover boy they have been dating, but someone who has money.In contrast, Eastern European women are looking for their one and only. Rene Descarte said every generalization is a distortion of the truth.Lets look at some of the cultural differences between American and Eastern European girls for marriage. On the other hand I think if you are a guy looking to get married, maybe you not only consider the girl next door but the whole world like Eastern and central European ladies.Here is what you might get if you decide on dating a women for love and marriage from America,how the world’s culture has changed: On the other hand, if you are a guy who likes these cultural characteristic of American girls listed above, then they are for you.

You do not have to give your house and half your money to someone you despise.Differences so large you could sail a ship though them. They are just waiting for the sweet kiss of death to set them free. However, the cultures of these two societies have produced different views on women towards life and marriage. Well because myself and basically every American guy who is or was single and tried with sincere intentions to date an American girl, found themselves shocked at the childish, flakey games that were played.I want to point out cultural differences that perhaps made this happen.This is not any judgement, rather just laying out the differences and you choose which culture you would rather marry in.American girls often date more for ego gratification and have a cool boyfriend while they get their careers going.

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When they get their careers going and entrenched habits, then they find a husband for them to have their child with.

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