Masturbation chat boards

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Masturbation chat boards

Hi Kiar, It sounds like there are a few things going on.One is that you might have some expectations attached to what masturbation should feel like, and you're finding that your own experience doesn't align with that.Am I massively underestimating the time it takes to orgasm from masturbation?I do only really pull my penis skin up and down for a couple minutes at the most.Hi, I've always wanted the outlet of masturbation to deal with my partner being long-distance, but I've never been able to make it work for me.

It's very strange, but the feeling of apprehension is still there a great deal of the time when I try to masturbate.

I still feel that if the pleasure started to happen more quickly and more intensely early on, I would have a reason to continue and not have the apprehension.

And I've never been able to orgasm except during nocturnal emissions, not once in all my 22 years.

It's getting ridiculous, I'm having wet dreams a few times a month and sometimes even a couple times a week.

Hell, I touch my penis all the time, in almost any fashion you could think of, except for the traditional pulling of the skin up and down that most men use to masturbate. Maybe there's an alternate way to masturbate that's easier?

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Sorry for the long post, thanks for any help in advance.

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