Meeting dating and seducing women online dating what is it

Posted by / 25-Feb-2016 07:39

Now you know the three tactics to make women like you, then you can ‘supercharge’ your seduction by using hypnosis tools.The fact is that women are attracted to ‘alpha males’, or leaders of the pack.If you are the ‘quiet one’ in the group then you won’t be seen as attractive.

Have an ‘entourage’ of women and you will find it much easier to get attention everywhere you go.

Therefore, do not worry about making ‘friends’ with attractive women – you will find it useful later!

It is estimated that up to 93% of communications occur in the form of body language.

Therefore, it is essential for you to master body language skills.

Listen up – if you want to be a killer seducer and seduce women quickly (5 seconds!

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) without saying a word then you have come to the right place.