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Men confess dating frustration

After all Thailand is known for cross-cultural relationships and men come here by the tens of thousands to find female Thai partners. Whereas Thai women do not like that, they often put up with it. Many Thai men would feel that their lifestyle is too much restricted by a relationship with a western woman. A third reason is that generally Thai men do not find western women as attractive as Thai women. Culturally it is not acceptable to show strong emotion, get angry, yell at people, confront someone head-on, or have an intense argument.Why are Thai men generally not interested in relationships with foreign women? On top of that in many Asian cultures the woman traditionally follows the man much more compared to the total equality concept that is prevalent in the west. Western women have no intention of merely following a Thai man, they have no qualms about speaking their mind, and they mostly insist on a good deal of independence, free thinking and freedom of choices.And why don’t western women care much about Thai men? All this is so much opposed to the Thai relationship model, and it would make most Thai men feel uncomfortable or even threatened. Thai men often have second wives and/or regular affairs with sexual partners.Rather than being in a candy shop they often feel that they are in a relationship desert in Thailand.

She is happy to follow him since he is her life support in a strange new environment.It it blatantly obvious that this would never work.Exchange the roles, and it breaks down Now take that same story, but exchange the sexes.Reread that story but imagine that there is a western woman who has a Thai husband.It is very rare that Thai men stare at western women or pursue them or harass them in any way. In India for example women often experience unwelcome advances, and in Bali you typically see relationships between Balinese men and western women.

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Kid in candy shop or relationship desert There are Thai man/western woman relationships, but they are a tiny percentage compared to western man/Thai woman relationships.